How do I preorder bread?

To guarantee you get the bread you want, reserve your loaf on the preorder page.

Select the day you would like to pick up and scroll through our offerings, add what you'd like to your cart and for each item, you'll be prompted to select your pickup day and location. If you'd like to pick up on both days, make sure you add the item to your cart twice, selecting different pickup days.

For preorders, payment will be processed when you checkout, not the day of pick up. There is no minimum order.



Where and when do I pick up my pre-ordered baked goods?

Currently, we offer the two locations below for pick up on Tuesday & Thursday. Saturday pickup is available only at Kona Butcher Shop.

  1. Kona Butcher Shop, 75-5660 Kopiko Street, Suite D6 (Monday 12-6pm; Thursday 12-6pm)

  2. At our stand in front of M.Field Gallery, 76-5936 Mamalahoa Highway, Holualoa (2pm-5pm)



Where can I find your products?


bi-weekly stand:

Tuesday + Thursday- In front of M.Field Gallery, 76-5936 Mamalahoa Highway, Holualoa (2pm-4pm) 

In store:

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at Kona Butcher Shop, 75-5660 Kopiko St. D6, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740(11am-6pm)




How much does it cost?

The item prices will vary, ranging from $3 to $12. 



WHAT ingredients do you use?

We bake with simple & strong ingredients, letting them speak for themselves. Focusing on local (some even from the farm!), unprocessed, & organically grown or certified. Most of our breads just include three ingredients, flour, water, & salt fermented naturally with our sourdough culture. All of our sourdough breads are vegan. Check out our preorder page for the specific ingredients in each product and our ingredients page to see where they come from. 


Why sourdough?

Using the sourdough process is how some of the first bakers leavened their bread. Not only does it produce a tasty product, pulling flavors out of the grain not recognized before, using a sourdough culture will help with the digestibility of the bread. Meaning if you feel you have any sort of gluten intolerance, long-fermented sourdough bread may be for you.


If you have any questions not listed here, please feel free to send us an email. We try to be transparent with all of our processes & ingredients and love to educate if possible.