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We've got MORE news!

We have moved enough of our equipment into the butcher shop to start baking again! Hooray!

Our first retail bake will be this Thursday, May 16th. Since we have a new base of operations, Kona Butcher Shop will be our standard pick-up location from now on. We are still planning on having Holualoa as a pick-up location during week days while we transition into a rhythm. 

Starting next week, we are increasing our retail bakes from two-weekly to three. We'll have fresh bread and pastries on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Be aware that we're changing our previous Monday bake to Tuesday. This gives us bakers a day off on Sunday! Mahalo for your flexibility.

SUNDAY.......… bake
MONDAY.… bake
TUESDAY.......…..bread/pastries 11AM-6PM/pau bake
THURSDAY.........bread/pastries 11AM-6PM/pau bake
SATURDAY..........bread/pastries 11AM-6PM/pau

Since we began two years ago, we've adapted our schedule to best fit our community's needs. Our hours will change as we grow, but our number one goal is to be as consistent as possible. We are continuously working towards that.

If you would like to support our move and slight buildout of the new space, feel free to donate to our our GoFundMe campaign here. Anything helps!

Mahalo nui,
Wesley & Sarah