Sourdough Pizza Dough

Sourdough Pizza Dough


Naturally leavened sourdough fermented for more than 30 hours. Very extensible, so you can make thin crust, focaccia, deep dish, naan, or flatbread. Comes in oiled container with directions. Available through pre-order only. 

Directions: Use within 3 days. Keep refrigerated until a couple hours before use. After removing from refrigeration, form into ball and let rest until ready to shape (dough must be well relaxed). Using liberal amounts of flour on table and dough, form into desired shape and add toppings. Bake in a HOT oven at 475F+ until desired color/crispiness is achieved 

Ingredients: organic white flour, organic whole wheat, sourdough culture, organic olive oil, natural sea salt 

Weight: 1lb 2oz (500g)

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